Van transport of passengers

Transfer Service – Croatia Travel in addition to taxi and bus transport offers transport by van to all destinations in Croatia or abroad. Today we can boast of our highly equipped vans that can accommodate 8 passengers in addition to drivers. With many years of work and effort, we have gained a number of satisfied clients, which has proven our quality, safety and reliability in the execution of all customer requirements. Today we can boast of numerous transfers made, and behind our drivers are millions of kilometers on the roads of Europe and Croatia. Our vision and goal are clear, which is to provide a safe, comfortable and superior passenger service and we direct all our activities towards the satisfaction of our clients to whom we fully adapt. In order to justify the satisfaction of our clients and the quality of our services, we are licensed to carry out passenger transport. With a professional driver with years of driving experience, excellent knowledge of roads throughout Croatia and Europe and a technical knowledge of English, we carry out all the requirements of our clients. We can also boast of an excellent price-quality ratio, so our prices are acceptable and competitive.

Last Friday, at the invitation of our permanent client, we made the journey from Rijeka to Rome. Rijeka is traditionally a city of sailors who in these times of difficult travel have problems with shifts. Since the organization of the flight was almost impossible, the client hired us to take the passengers to Rome. We started our journey to Rome through the Pasjak border crossing where we entered Slovenia. We enter Italy through the Kozina border crossing and continue to the Italian highway via Bazovica. The modern highway connects all of Italy, including Trieste and Rome. The motorway network connects the cities of the northern part of Italy and continues on the road networks of Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and France, crossing over or through the Alps. North and south are also connected by two motorways, one of which, newer, follows the Adriatic coast for a good part, while the other, the much more famous Autostrada del sole (Highway of the Sun), passes through the Apennines, continues along the western slopes of the Strait of Messina and crosses into Sicily. Only in Sardinia there are no highways. Since it is a hilly country, numerous tunnels have been built through the Apennines and north through the Alps.

Why transfer to Rome?

We are witnessing difficult travel conditions due to the impact of the corona virus, and Italy is well connected by airlines to the world. The most important are malpensa airports near Milan, Linate also along Milan, then Leonardo da Vinci near Rome, and Naples Airport. Rome-Fiumicino International Airport "Leonardo da Vinci" (Aeroporto Internazionale di Roma–Fiumicino "Leonardo da Vinci"; IATA: FCO, ICAO: LIRF) is the largest and most significant for Italy. Roma Leonardo da Vinci Airport has over 43 million passengers under normal conditions and even in these times it allows connections with the whole world.

Other services in van transport Rijeka:

  • Transfers to all airports: the most common transfers to Zagreb airport – Ljubljana – Trieste – Milan – Belgrade – Graz. We provide our passengers and clients with a professional passenger transport service to all air passengers in Croatia and Europe. Safe and efficient transport is carried out with new and modern vans up to 8 passengers.
  • Business travel: we paid special attention to clients traveling on business trips. In addition to business taxi services, we also offer van transport on business trips and fairs.


A van from the Mercedes family will take care of safe and comfortable driving. We offer a modern Sprinter 316 CDI with a capacity of 8 passengers and a Mercedes V-Class with a capacity of 7 passengers.

Happy trip wishes you Transfer Service – Croatia Travel