Van transport of passengers Opatija

By dealing with taxi transport, we quickly come to the realization that passengers travel to Opatija not rarely in smaller groups. As Opatija is oriented towards family guests and business tourism, which thanks to the tourist staff has developed rapidly, we recognize the need to introduce van transport of passengers and guests arriving in Opatija. Our van service in Opatija is not regular, but is organized as needed for individuals or groups of passengers on the principle of renting a vehicle with a driver, i.e. private transport.

Taxi Kombi Opatija offers van rental for transporting passengers with driver per hour, day or more. Van transport of passengers is contracted before the start of the journey and is ordered in advance at pre-known and fixed prices. Our van fares are final which means there are no additional or hidden costs that would cause unpleasant surprise or stress. Since Opatija is a congress center, we do not rarely have inquiries for transportation to dinners, events, receptions or transportation of congress visitors on the route accommodation to the congress hotel, our wish was to offer our clients tailor-made transportation, so the billing unit can arrange for an hour, a day or several days. If you need a van by transport, please send us an inquiry via our contact form.

Renting a van for transporting passengers in Opatija per hour – this kind of service is suitable when you go to dinner when our driver meets you at the reception of the hotel or at the address and drives to the restaurant and remains at your disposal. The advantage of this method is the commodities because if you decide to leave earlier or later the driver and the vehicle are dispositional and ready. This service is mainly used by companies or groups that need transportation from congress hotels to other accommodation facilities or addresses, transportation to dinners, business meetings, etc.

Van rental for transporting passengers in Opatija per day – this type of service is used for excursions, sightseeing and local transport. Renting a car for the carriage of passengers per day means renting a car with a driver for one car day (car day – the default of taking a vehicle with a driver 12 hours is included mileage up to 250km). The price of renting a vehicle per day contains fuel, a vehicle and a driver, while the possible cost of the highway, ferry, tolls is not included. For more detailed information, send an inquiry via our contact form or contact us on one of our phones.

Van rental for passenger transport in Opatija for several days – this type is more often used by travel agencies when organizing tours, i.e. tourist agencies. several-day trips.

Renting a van for the carriage of passengers for several days includes the rental of a van for the carriage of passengers with a driver for several car days (car day – implies the occupance of a vehicle with a driver for 12 hours is included mileage up to 250km). For all information, offers and details please contact us via the form or on one of our phones.

If you or your company need this type of service, feel free to contact us through our website and contact form.