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Urban taxi transport

From the very beginning of its founding we have been engaged in urban taxi transport. We are a licensed taxi operator of the City of Rijeka, and our drivers have passed all the necessary exams prescribed by law. Taxi service is provided 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our vision is to provide quality taxi service in Rijeka, and the goal is not to be the cheapest, but the best.Continuous investment in the fleet that we regularly improve is a guarantee of safe and pleasant taxi rides. Our vehicles are all up to 3 years of age and higher middle or high class.



UP TO 5 KM 30,00 kn


Long distance taxi transport

Since we have been doing taxi transport for more than 10 years through years of business, we have seen what is missing from the market, which is certainly a quality and proven taxi service that the taxi service user can rely on. From the very beginning we offer taxi services and booking taxi rides online, all in order to be the best quality and closest to the citizens and passengers of our City of Rijeka. All your taxi inquiries can be sent by e-mail, see the price and book a ride via the online booking system or you can call us.


Najjednostavniji način rezervacije usluge prijevoza je putem našeg rezervacijskog obrasca. Također su Vam odmah dostupne cijene najčešćih destinacija.


Headquarters: Ante Kovačića 10

Office: Victims of Fascism 2

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