Taxi transport Opatija

After years of business, we decided to extend the service to the city of Opatija. So today we can boast of the local taxi service in the area of the city of Opatija. Until recently, from Opatija we offered only transfers to airports and realized that the market is looking for a quality carrier, we decided to expand the offer to the city of Opatija.

Transfer services to / from Opatija are available 24 hours a day, while local taxi service in Opatija is offered from 06-24. After the end of the pandemic that has shaken up the transportation market, we plan to expand the service ma 0-24 hour system of work.

Opatija is the pearl of Kvarner and remembers over 100 years of tourism. Opatija today is adorned with numerous hotels that in the pre and post season host business people from all over the world at conferences and seminars, while in high season there are family people because richly equipped hotels offer everything you need for an active holiday. Guests who stay in Opatija today usually book transfers on the route:

Opatija – Airport Zadar – Transfer on the route Opatija – airport Zadar takes about 3 hours. Zadar Airport is one of the nine airports in Croatia. It was founded in 1968 near the village of Zemunik Donji and is 7 km east of Zadar. It is located at an altitude of 88 m. It is the largest aviation centre in Croatia. If you are travelling from Opatija to Zadar book a transfer via our website.

Opatija – Airport Zagreb – Transfer on the route Opatija – airport Zagreb takes about 2 hours, and the distance is about 170 km. Zagreb Airport or Franjo Tuđman Airport is the largest and most important airport in Croatia. It is named after the first Croatian President Dr. Franjo Tudjman. Today zgareb airport for Opatija is very important because many tourists come using zagreb airport. If you need to transfer Opatija – Zagreb airport or vice versa call us and secure a first-class service.

Opatija – Airport Rijeka – Airport Rijeka is located on the island of Krk and is about 40 kilometers away from Opatija. Opatija and Rijeka Airport are connected by a fast road, so the journey takes only 40 minutes. Many tourists land at Krk airport because this airport offers good connections with Germany.

Opatija – Venice Airport – Venice Airport is about 240 km away from Opatija. Venice Marco Polo Airport is Venice International Airport,. Venice Airport connects this part of Europe with this part of Europe. Many direct flights are the advantage of Venice, so guests choose this airport. If you are landing in Venice and you have a need for a transfer, send an inquiry and make a reservation through our website.

Opatija – Pula Airport – Pula Airport is about 100 km away from Opatija and the journey takes about an hour. Opatija and Pula are connected by a modern road called the Istrian Y. Pula is a very important airport for the whole kvarner. Over the past few years, in addition to the guest structure, when the number of passengers from Europe (mostly from UK countries) has increased significantly, the structure of airlines has also changed. Former charter companies have been replaced by low tariffs and companies flying on regular routes. In the last few years, passenger traffic has been visibly increasing, so if we compare e.g. 2014 with 2019, there is a marked growth in figures in all segments

Opatija – Ljubljana Airport – Ljubljana Airport is located in Brnik only 30 kilometers from Ljubljana to Austria. Ljubljana Airport has plenty of flights at affordable prices. Ljubljana Airport is slovenia's main airport. The drive from Opatija to Ljubljana airport takes about an hour and a half, but there are possible delays at the border crossing and potential traffic jams on the motorway.

Opatija – Trieste Airport – Trieste airport is surely the most popular airport for tourists from England and Germany arriving in Opatija. Full name Trieste – Ronchi dei Legionari. Airport Trieste was completely refurbished a few years ago and today is an important factor of air traffic. Taxi Opatija offers transfers to / from Trieste airport, which is normally located about 30 kilometers from Trieste to Venice.

Opatija – Budapest Airport – Budapest Ferihegy Airport is an international airport serving the Hungarian capital Budapest and is the largest of the five international airports. From the airport, international flights take place primarily within Europe, but also to Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North America. The airport is about 550 km away from Opatija and the ride takes about 6 hours

All guests and visitors can be offered transfers to all airports and detonations with departure from Opatija. In addition to the standard taxi service, we also offer tourist excursions and trips to groups of all sizes.

If you are planning a business trip in Opatija, we suggest you choose one of our one-day excursions because Taxi Opatija & Transfer Service offers the perfect solution for you!

Excursions from Opatija to Plitvice Lakes ? Visiting Istria and hunting truffles are just some of the destinations we drive you to. Whichever option you choose, you will get a quality passenger service at affordable prices with the best price-to-kvslitete ratio.