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How we work

You can book our services via the reservation form or you can send us an inquiry in free form.

Pošaljete upit ili pogledate cjenik

Our staff is at your disposal for all your inquiries. For all inquiries send us an e-mail or fill out a contact form, and we will contact you as soon as possible. All our prices are transparent.


potvrdimo vam dostupnost usluge i cijenu

Send an inquiry with the date of the desired service. Unfortunately, in some terms it may happen that we are busy, but we work with reliable and proven partners, so we believe that we will be able to offer free capacity.



potvrdite rezervaciju

After the submitted inquiry or reservation form, we will send you a final offer with all costs, and only after you are familiar with all the details of the offer do you confirm the reservation.

Nudite li posebna sjedala za djecu

To ensure maximum safety, our vehicles can have these seats if you need them. Please do not forget to mention that you need these seats when booking.

Moj vozač nije ovdje, što trebam raditi

If our driver is late, we will notify you by phone (if you have left us an international phone number to which we can reach you) or by e-mail if the specified phone number does not work. In all other cases, our driver will be at the agreed place at a certain time. Note, due to extremely large crowds, there is a possibility of delayed vehicles, so it is necessary to wait for the driver and please contact us at the specified contact number (00 385 91 500 33 55) because there is a possibility of an emergency situation or that the driver does not see you at the location where exactly you are waiting.

Ostavio sam osobne stvari u autu, kako do njih

Please contact our people as soon as possible with an accurate description of the peeled items and they will be returned to you. A small fee is possible.

Moraju li sve rezervacije biti unaprijed

We recommend booking in advance. Once you book a vehicle, we guarantee its availability. Of course, last-minute reservations are taken into account if a particular vehicle is available.

Što sve uključuje cijena prijevoza

The one-way fare includes one transfer from the starting point to the destination. Return fare (return journey; two-way transport) also includes transportation from the destination back to the starting point. All prices contain costs arising from the transfer toll, tunnel car, ferry….

Kako mogu platiti za svoj transfer

Rides can be paid for with credit cards in the vehicle, cash, virmanski.

Gdje mogu pronaći svojega vozača

Your driver will be at the agreed location you defined in the email sent at the time you specified when booking. At the same time, the driver will normally always be at the first exit point of the passenger holding a clearly visible inscription with your name, number of passengers and location of the destination.

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Address book

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Headquarters: Ante Kovačića 10

Office: Victims of Fascism 2

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