Rijeka is a city in Kvarner and represents the political and economic center of this part of Croatia. Although once synonymous with the economy and prosperity, Rijeka and rijeka's companies after the homeland war go into trouble for these or those reasons and mostly perish and so Rijeka remains without the multitude of jobs that we are trying to replace with tourism today. Tourism is extremely important to us in the pre-season and postseason, so advent in Rijeka has developed, attracting more and more curious people.

The notion of Advent

Advent or Advent is the period in the church liturgical year, the time of preparation for the feast of Christmas. It is also the beginning of the church year. In Western Christianity, The Coming Begins four weeks before Christmas. It can start on 27 November at the earliest, and no later than 3 December. Ends December 24 on Christmas Eve. In the Roman Catholic Church, in The Come, purple color prevails in the liturgical. Appropriate texts from the Bible are read. In Advent, an Advent wreath with four candles is made and placed on the table. They symbolize four weeks in Doha. In this time, anticipation, hope, vigilance and longing prevail. Vigilance is openness of the eyes and heart, deep awareness and inner composure. Christians in the coming vigil, to recognize God, who is coming. In some areas, at different times, real preparations for Christmas begin. In some parts of BiH, where Croats live, preparation begins as early as St. Peter's Day. Catherine of Alexandria on November 25th. From then until Christmas, there are no more weddings and larger celebrations, with the saying: "Sveta Kata closes the door". In the first part of Advent (until December 16th), believers prepare for the glorious coming of Christ, when the doomsday will also be, while in the second part (From December 17th to December 24th) they prepare more closely for Christ's birthday, for the day when the Son of God became man.

In the morning, the dawn rooms are the favorite early Mass, which have a penanceal significance, because it is necessary to get up very early to arrive at the church. They therefore represent some form of four-week permanent renunciation of sleep. They have their beginnings back in the Middle Ages.

Advent in Rijeka can somehow be divided into two wholes, the first of which would be the one around Korz, and the second on Trsat.

– Advent in the center, i.e. Korzo is something special because the city center is introduced by that Christmas and New Year's spirit of the holiday, and it makes Korzo and the narrower center especially cheerful because various cultural and entertainment programs are held with a colorful stall offer. In the last few years Rijeka Advent has spread to new locations. Among the most interesting offers of Advent in Rijeka were Rijeka Resolution Square and Rijeka Tunnel, in which he found his home 'Advent in tunnels'. Both places are part of rijeka's Advent program.

Advent on Gradna, thanks to its well-designed lighting and special atmosphere on Trsat, quickly became the main star of rijeka's Advent program. In addition to the rich lighting and musical performances, visitors to the picturesque Trsat can expect a live nativity scene, as well as an ice rink in Nugent's Park.

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