Taxi Transfer Service has been operating for over 10 years and behind us are numerous transfers to and from train stations, airports, bus stations. Travelers who do not travel often when booking transfers have questions, and for us all questions when organizing transfers are important. We summed up the most common questions and immediately provided answers to eliminate any doubts for our passengers. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us because we have the answer. Taxi Transfer Service offers transfers from / to zagreb airport, Rijeka, Ljubljana, Trieste, Venice to all destinations in Croatia or the region. There are vehicles of all sizes on offer, so we are able to transport groups of all sizes. For any questions and reservations please contact us.

Q? Where can I find my driver?

A. Your driver will be at the agreed location you defined in the email sent at the time you specified when booking. At the same time, the driver will normally always be at the first exit point of the passenger holding a clearly visible inscription with your name, number of passengers and location of the destination.

Q? My driver's not here, what am I supposed to do?

A. If our driver is late, we will notify you by phone (if you have left us an international phone number to which we can reach you) or by e-mail if the specified phone number does not work.. In all other cases, our driver will be in a specified place at a certain time. Note, due to extremely large crowds, there is a possibility of delayed vehicles, so it is necessary to wait for the driver and please contact us at the specified contact number (00 385 91 500 33 55) because there is a possibility of an emergency situation or that the driver does not see you at the location where exactly you are waiting.

Q? I left my personal belongings in the car, how do I get it?

A. Please contact us as soon as possible with an accurate description of the peeled items and they will be returned to you. A small fee is possible.

Q? Does Transfer Service offer discounts?

A. We offer various discounts, for online booking, return bookings and many others. Please check prices for more information.

Q? Can I get a refund if I cancel my reservation?

A. Refund (if a deposit is made online – PayPal) is possible in certain emergency situations when we are notified 15 days in advance. At the same time, the refund of the deposit is made online through (PayPal) by sending the deposit amount to your e-mail if due to the impediment we are not able to pick up passengers by appointment or are more than 60 minutes late, and we are not able to organize a replacement vehicle..

Q? I've got a lot of luggage, will you be able to transport everything?

A. Of course, we will use additional trailers if necessary.

Q? Does transfer service offer excursions?

A. We offer excursions to some locations. Of course, if you want to visit a location, contact us by phone or e-mail with information about the desired location and we will organize an excursion for you.

Q? Do your drivers speak English?

A. All our drivers speak English. You can meet a driver who does not speak English if we had to send a replacement and your driver was prevented for valid reasons.

Q? Do you offer special seats for children?

A. To ensure maximum safety, our vehicles can have these seats if you need them. Please do not forget to mention that you need these seats while booking a taxi.

Q? What vehicles do you offer for transport?

A. Transfer Service has a wide range of vehicles for all your needs.

Q? Is it possible to change the booking details after it has been paid?

A. It is possible, but additional fees are possible depending on the time when you want to change the same.Eg. if you have changed the details at the last minute, we will charge you an additional amount for sending a new vehicle.

Q? Can we stop unplanned?

A. If necessary, the driver can stop at unplanned locations. Other turns from your trip you will need to arrange when booking.

Q? Can we stop for a shopping trip or a tour?

A Yes you can, but you will have to pay for this service depending on the type of car you use those hours you spent in that place. If you want a tour, let us know immediately to make a deal with the driver.

Q? Do all bookings have to be in advance?

And we recommend booking in advance. Once you book a vehicle, we guarantee its availability. Of course, last-minute reservations are taken into account if a particular vehicle is available.

Q? What does the fare include?

The one-way fare includes one transfer from the starting point to the destination. Return fare (return journey; two-way transport) also includes transportation from the destination back to the starting point. All prices contain costs arising from the transfer toll, tunnel car, ferry….

Q? How can I pay for my transfer?

Rides can be paid by credit cards in the vehicle, cash, Virman, paypal..