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Van transport Rijeka

Through the years of business, we have realized the need for van transport. Very soon after starting business, we introduced van transport and offer it as a standard service. Today we can boast of a maximum of 3 years old vans, and air conditioning is standard. In the fleet we have vans with a capacity of 7 and 8 passengers plus a driver. This branch is extremely important to us and we have dedicated ourselves to it to the maximum.


The easiest way to book a shuttle service is through our booking form. The prices of the most common destinations are also immediately available to you.

The most common services in van taxi transport:

Rent a van with a driver

Maximum personalized service because the driver and vehicle are at your disposal. This service is most often used by companies, associations and organizations when traveling or organizing team building


Transfers from / to terminals

This type of taxi van service is intended for everyone who travels. Our driver meets you at the bus or train station and takes you to your final destination. This service is designed as exclusively as private transportation.

Airport transfers

We offer van taxi transport to all airports in Croatia and abroad. Departure is organized in agreement with the client, and can be from one or more addresses. When welcoming a group at the airport, the driver greets customers with an inscription of their name in the passenger terminal.

Occasional transportation

Maximum personalized private transport service. Most often, these are multi-day business (or tourist) trips on which the driver is on a tour with you. The regular working hours of the driver on the tour are 11 hours / day, and can be extended to 15 hours at an additional cost.


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