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Do you offer special seats for children

To ensure maximum safety, our vehicles can have these seats if you need them. Please do not forget to mention that you need these seats when booking.

My driver is not here, which is what I need to do

If our driver is late, we will notify you by phone (if you have left us an international phone number where we can reach you) or by e-mail if the specified phone number does not work. In all other cases, our driver will be at the agreed location at the specified time. Note, due to extremely large crowds there is a possibility of vehicle delay, so it is necessary to wait for the driver and please contact us at the contact number (00 385 91 500 33 55) because there is a possibility of an emergency or the driver does not see you at the exact location.

I left my personal belongings in the car, how to get to them

Please contact us as soon as possible with an accurate description of the worn items and they will be returned to you. A small fee is possible.

All reservations must be made in advance

We recommend booking in advance. Once you book a vehicle, we guarantee its availability. Of course, last-minute bookings are taken into account if a particular vehicle is available.

Which all includes the cost of transportation

One way price includes one transport from the starting point to the destination. The return price (return trip; two-way transport) includes transport from the destination back to the starting point. All prices include costs arising from the transfer toll, tunnel toll, ferry….

How can I pay for my transfer

Rides can be paid with credit cards in the vehicle, cash, bank transfer.

Where can I find my driver

Your driver will be at the agreed location you defined in the email you sent at the time you specified when booking. At the same time, the driver will usually always be at the first exit point of the passenger, holding a clearly visible sign with your name, number of passengers and location of the destination.